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Finally a payment solution that works for you and your business! SolutionsAe is a robust gateway enabling you to accept payments anytime, anywhere and any amount. We've simplified the way you do business and made it easier to get money now. The system provides greater visibility and marketing opportunities for businesses and organizations.

Free Means Free:


With SolutionsAe, there are no subscription fees for buyers or sellers for baseline services. Now you can feel confident to sell your own products on your site or accept payments for your ministry without paying fees to a third party. We put the power back in your hands!

Accept Electronic Payments:


Less individuals are carrying cash today which means you need a solution for accepting electronic payments. SolutionsAe makes that possible. Most businesses and organizations use outdated third-party gateways like Authorize.Net or PayPal for accepting online payments and get lost in the shuffle of “high-risk” e-commerce merchants paying rates far higher than what they should qualify for. By contrast, SolutionsAe effectively solves this issue by offering a complete and integrated gateway, front-end processing and back-end settlement solution

Quick and Easy:


Our goal is to get you paid fast! When a transaction is made, the money usually shows up in your account within a few days, no more waiting for over a week to access your payments.





Why Should You Choose




Payment Processing Made Easy



Safe and Secure



Accept Online Payments Anytime



Increase Sales



Excellent Customer Service



More Cost Effective



Get Paid Faster

Give Your Business the Advantage


With SolutionsAe, you have the added benefit of security, usability, convenience, and self-promotion.

Join SolutionsAe & increase your company's income by over 30% or more. Sign-up today to be a part of the mobile revolution and reap the immediate benefits!


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