QR codes are everywhere. But they haven’t offered anything other than a simple link.​

Until now.


solutionsAe account holders will have several options to use the SolutionsAe Platform


Your first option is to establish, access, and manage your account directly from your organizations website. So if it is a small business, church, daycare, school, pizza joint, video game, clothing store, nonprofit, or any merchant who uses QR technology you will be able to login into your account from their website by scanning the S-QR™ they provide which will be tied to your Master account and SolutionsAe wallet.


Your second option is to sign up and manage account right here on our site. Either way you never have to register twice so once you sign up to use our application to Give or Purchase on the Go you automatically receive a wallet that can be used in any environment you see an QR and if you don’t have smart phone or just want to manage the old fashion way that is fine to just use the same user name and password to login. It is that simple. All of your transactions are reported to the same environment for easy access to view transaction history and manage your account.


With SolutionsAe Quick Response technology, merchants, content owners and nonprofits can finally transform the humble QR code into a convenient way to accept payments – anywhere:



​✔ On personal websites

✔ On Facebook pages

✔ On Twitter

✔ In videos

✔ In advertisements

✔ In retail outlets

✔ On post cards

✔ On t-shirts

✔ On yourself





When you want to purchase something that’s accompanied by a SolutionsAe S-QR code,

all you have to do is scan it with your phone, securely enter your PIN, and confirm.




​Using our portal, you can quickly create QR codes to sell your products – online or in-person. You can also make money by offering the unique ability for consumers to buy advertisers’ products with a simple scan of a QR code.



With SolutionsAe, you can turn advertisements into instant transactions. See how here.

For sellers and buyers, S-QR™-powered mobile payments are free, fast AND secure:


✔ Never pass personal information to a merchant again.

✔ Never store consumers’ bank account information at the point of sale.

✔ Minimize fraud with two-factor authentication and tokenization.


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Learn about the core attribute of the SolutionsAe gateway and our products.

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Our payment gateway give you full control over your reporting.

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Let SolutionsAe help protect your sensitive data.

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How It Works


How SolutionsAeWorks for Faith Based Organizations


YOUR CHURCH JUST GOT BETTER...SolutionsAe is a revolutionary smart phone and web-based gateway that merges the power of ministry with cutting edge technology to bring the offering plate to the 21 century - making the power to give truly mobile.SolutionsAe now includes the newly established and revolutionary S-QR code. Ministries which have obtained aSolutionsAe account will be offered several new available pathways to access the SolutionsAe Platform. With 24-7 accessibility for tithing, offering, and other church funding efforts, parishioners have the freedom and flexibility to give when and where they want- putting more money toward the Church's bottom line. Both the smart phone and web-based application provide seamless credit/debit card and ACH check processing capabilities using a payment card industry (PCI) compliant front-end and back-end platform for merchant processing...quite simply, you don't have to find a merchant processor, it's all built into Solutionsae's robust system. In addition to a superior back-end processing platform, Solutionsae's system offers an array of custom features that sets it apart in the mobile and web-based application world.


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